Why Your Personal Brand Is Important

In middle school when social media first started, I had no idea how big it would become. Now, if you don’t wake up and check Instagram, Snapchat, etc. you are probably going to be considered “out of the loop”. Social media is a great tool but if you don’t use it for good, your personal brand could be at stake.

One of the most important things as a young adult is making sure that if you have social media, you are portraying yourself in a positive, respectful way. If you are going on others’ Instagrams and leaving hate comments, potential employers might not want to hire you. It is important that you not only know how to carry yourself in person, but also online. No company is going to want a social media manager that has Twitter fingers.

Another important thing is that you know how to distinguish between a good brand and a bad brand. An example of a good brand would be from YouTuber, Adelaine Morin. If you are not aware of her, Adelaine Morin is a Canadian YouTuber from Toronto, Canada.

I chose Adelaine Morin as an influencer that has developed a great personal brand, because she has always been true to herself. Recently, she posted a short series covering her mental health after her breakup from her long-term boyfriend. She puts it upon herself to make her YouTube channel “The Happiest Place on the Internet” as well as through her merchandise line.

Her merchandise line consists of many different clothing items, but the one item that sticks out the most would be her bright, “Girls Supporting Girls” hoodie. The Girls Supporting Girls hoodie is important because not only does the bright color appeal to the eye, it also holds a deeper meaning.

The Internet is a scary place and there are many girls that have insecurities as a result from it. You might practice positivity, but unfortunately not everyone on the internet is like that. Meaning her audience particularly suits a younger audience, she is trying to promote kindness through a cute clothing item like a hoodie.

On the other hand, not all YouTubers have the best personal brand. If you look at Logan Paul, you probably instantly think of his offensive, unsympathetic suicide forest video. Even if you aren’t a huge Logan Paul fan, you might already know that he is known for the crazy pranks that he does.

However, in 2018 his uniqueness became a disadvantage to him. He was seen walking through the forest and coming across a body of a deceased person. Him and his friends laughed about it. While everyone copes differently, the internet did not react very well from it.

Being unique is never a problem. However, when you become hungry for views and try to use someone’s low points as a way to gain revenue, that’s when it goes overboard. Therefore, if you are going to be unique, do it in a way that isn’t offensive or harmful to others. While Logan Paul didn’t show the face of the person that passed away, it was still seen as very disrespectful.

Overall, there are many things that come with having your own personal brand. Being consistent is one of them as well as not damaging your image. There are companies that might be forgiving for things that you have said in the past, but there are also many companies that would turn you down from a job just from a bad social media post.

2 thoughts on “Why Your Personal Brand Is Important

  1. “While everyone copes differently, the internet did not react very well from it.”

    For better or for worse, the internet is quick to judge. In the case of Paul Logan, it is probably good they shamed him for not being respectful when finding a corpse.


    1. I agree. I remember watching his YouTube channel views going down. He also later on posted an apology video of him crying which seemed like it was just for the money as it was monetized. I think the internet judging him was correct because the forest is known for suicides and a lot of those families might not even know that their family member wanted to end their life. Everyone copes differently, but I also remember him and his friends laughing when they found the body.


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