Social Media As A Career

This chapter was mainly focused around different agencies and companies you could work for in social media. From a young age, I have always wanted to be a publicist for a pop or country artist. Growing up, I never really had friends so I would turn to the internet for entertainment.

In my freetime or whenever I need new music, I love looking at Spotify’s pre-made playlists. Along the way, I discovered a new artist Carlie Hanson. I remember sometime a year or so ago (2018), I came across her single “Only One”. Carlie Hanson is from Wisconsin so I felt that I needed to do something to get her music more known and that’s when I thought of making a fan update account.

Many people look down on fan update accounts, but there are many fan update accounts that I follow that are professional. A reason that people might look down on fan accounts would be if they don’t credit the photographers that they get pictures from. An example of a correct way to credit someone for a photo can be seen here.

Having an update account for the amount of time that I did helped in a lot of ways because it helped me expand on my graphics skills which can be seen as a valuable skill when it comes to working in social media. Chances are if you don’t know how to make graphics, it is going to be harder to get a job in social media.

Another important skill that is important to have when it comes to working in the industry would be writing copy. Luckily, many colleges offer classes for media writing or specifically public relations writing that teach you those skills. Granted, if you really wanted to, you could research how to. There are many videos on YouTube relating to making graphics.

Overall, I am grateful that I am taking classes that are going to help me in the future. Writing is something I have always liked doing but I never realized how different public relations writing is. When you are writing for public relations, you have to make sure that you are making your client look good.

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