Why I Took A Break From Social Media

Social media can be an excellent tool for professional or personal use. Some people are so reliant on social media that if they don’t check it every hour, they feel out of the loop. Others struggle with their mental health if they are on it too much and I am one of those people. GrowingContinue reading “Why I Took A Break From Social Media”

Why Your Personal Brand Is Important

In middle school when social media first started, I had no idea how big it would become. Now, if you don’t wake up and check Instagram, Snapchat, etc. you are probably going to be considered “out of the loop”. Social media is a great tool but if you don’t use it for good, your personalContinue reading “Why Your Personal Brand Is Important”

My Views on Social Media

As an Entertainment Industries & Technology major and public relations minor, I decided to take a Social Media Campaigns class. Meaning that social media is so versatile between any industry, I figured it would be a great class to fill an elective requirement. Part of this class is making blog posts, which is something IContinue reading “My Views on Social Media”

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