Social Media During Quarantine

With this quarantine going on, I have been having a hard time keeping myself entertained. I have turned to social media platforms to entertain myself more than ever. Some of those platforms consist of Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Along the way, I have discovered there are different ways that people are coping with this quarantine. Each of those platforms are very different and I figured that I would share some of the posts that you might see on them.

The first social media platform we are going to talk about is Instagram. The posts that you might see on Instagram are either endless selfies with the caption of them “bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored” or someone reposting vacation pictures.

An example of this would be a post from singer/dancer, Jordyn Jones:

In this post she talks about how she misses her boyfriend and her vacation in Tailand.

The next Instagram post is by a YouTuber called Allygatorrz. She posted this caption saying “ok I’m bored in the house & I’m in the house bored”. For those that don’t know, that saying is a popular sound on TikTok that many people makes videos to.

The next social media platform is Twitter. There are a lot of tweets on Twitter that are funny and I wish I could find more right now but here is one tweet that I saw:

I know there are some people that don’t like Twitter because they don’t understand it. But I think that there are a lot of Twitter accounts that have funny tweets that continue to make me laugh throughout the day.

The last social media platform I’ll be talking about is TikTok. I love TikTok because there are so many different sounds that you can make TikToks to. Whether you are looking to dance, talk about something, etc. there is something for everyone. One example of a TikTok that is relating to the quarantine would be this TikTok I found on Twitter that shows the different “characters” of quarantine.

Overall, I am thankful that I have social media to help me cope with this quarantine. If I didn’t have social media to distract myself, I would probably have a harder time keeping myself entertained. If you ever are bored, I guarantee that any social media platform you scroll through can make you laugh.

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