Slowly: The Digital Pen Pal

Recently while I was scrolling through Twitter I came across this tweet that was talking about Slowly. Slowly is an app in the Apple Store that allows you to find digital pen pals. When I was younger, in fifth grade my class got to have pen pals with people from Sweden and it was exciting. Now, the fact that you can have a digital pen pal is amazing.

Some of you might be very confused. What is a digital pen pal? Why not just have a normal pen pal? When I first heard about having a digital pen pal I was very confused but creating an account on this app is really easy. All you do is enter your email, create your profile and put in your interests.

After you put in your interests you can either be “matched” with a pen pal or you can browse pen pals by languages and similar interests. Within ten minutes of having the app, I was able to send digital letters to two people I found.

The nice thing about this app is although it is a digital app, the letters send like they would via snail mail. You can also buy or earn stamps in the app’s stamp store that you can put on your letters. For example, I have a letter arriving from someone within the hour and another letter will be arriving in sixteen hours. I also have already received a letter back from someone I sent one to yesterday.

I personally like the idea of writing mobile letters because when it comes to writing actual letters it is hard for me to write as fast as I can type on my phone. I also think it is harder to have pen pals now, unless you are able to find a site that is legitimate.

This app is great because if you are anything like me, you might be going crazy while you are stuck at home during this quarantine. Having an app like this that allows you to connect to people from all over the world is incredible. I have always wanted to have an online friend and end up meeting up with them (safely of course) and this app might allow me to have that opportunity.

If you have nothing else to do, I suggest you download this app. Apps like this are why I love social media. Social media allows you to connect with so many people whether that is from Instagram, Twitter, etc. and now you can connect with people using an app for pen pals.

If anyone wants to become my friend on slowly my username is moretacosplss.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT sponsored by Slowly. I just happened to find this app and fell in love with it*

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