Truly Astronomical : Travis Scott Fortnite Event

A few years ago, I would probably not have watched an in-game event for the fun of it. However, over last weekend (April 23-25), I watched Fortnite’s Travis Scott event. Having a passion for the entertainment industry and public relations, this event impressed me for many reasons.

Before the Travis Scott event, Fortnite has only had one prior event with someone in the music industry. That event was the Marshmello event which was Fortnite’s first event and had drawn in more than 10.7 million viewers according to The Verge.

The Marshmello event was inspired by a concert’s atmosphere where you could get up close and personal with Marshmello. The whole event essentially was Marshmello performing with his music playing on a stage. There were also some graphics that were shown throughout the concert.

If you are looking for a more in-depth description, The Verge shares “The stage came to life with building-sized holograms of Fortnite characters, while a custom set of graphics played behind Marshmello’s avatar… the stage would alter gravity, sending players bouncing into the sky and even floating in place at one point.”

Fortnite created an event for Travis Scott that they planned over six months for. Fortnite announced the Travis Scott event April 20, 2020. The event was primarily created to promote Travis Scott’s new single Astronomical as well as benefit Fortnite. The event would have multiple different dates for the in-game “tour”.

Having multiple dates allowed more people from different timezones to be able to watch and also allowed for people to re-watch the event if they wanted to. Those dates were:

One of the promotional ideas Travis Scott’s team and Fortnite had included two exclusive loading screens and a glider for attending one or more of the events:

Some other special items Fortnite had for this series included a spray, icon and emotes:

I think creating a bundle for this event allowed for there to be motivation for people to want to collect items from the collection. During the days leading up to the event, people might see the skins and want to purchase them which could create more buzz.

According to Polygon, the event “… started with a giant version of Scott performing some of his most recognizable songs, but quickly evolved into something stranger and more exciting.

As Scott moved through his songs, more and more effects started to appear. There were lightning storms, back-up dancers made of fire, a gravity flip that turned players upside down, and finally what seemed like a trip through space.”

As someone that wants to work in entertainment publicity, I was very inspired by this event. Not just from the creativity, but by how many people attended the event. In total, there were 27.7 total players that participated and the event was attended 45.8 times (which means people attended it more than once) according to Fortnite’s official Twitter.

From an entertainment industry perspective I think that this was a great public relations campaign for many reasons. One of those reasons would be that Travis Scott’s audience might be able to expand more than ever before.

Granted, the majority of people that play Fortnite are children or young adults, but there are still some adults that play. But even if an adult does not play Fortnite, there is still a chance for them to be exposed to his music just from their children watching the event.

Another reason that I think this event was a good idea for Scott would be due to how popular Fortnite is. Meaning Fortnite is such a large game, it allows him to gain more exposure and buzz for his single. People that weren’t already fans, might have became fans after this event.

Overall, I think that this event was a great idea for Fortnite to do. Not only did it grow their stats, but it also helped Scott promote his new single Astronomical. If you are able to, I would highly suggest watching the full event.

Disclaimer: None of the pictures or videos in this post are mine. All rights go to their respective owners (The Verge, Fortnite, Travis Scott, etc.)

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